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Sad that it’s the last season, but so excited! It’s almost on! 

HBO has announced that True Blood season 7 will premiere on Sunday, June 22


Alexander Skarsgard will be taking on the role of Tarzan! I can’t wait!  This is late news, but I haven’t had the chance to share til now and it will be released on my birthday! I know what I’m doing on July 1st, 2016!  😀 


It was recently announced that Alexander will be starring in a new live-action 3D Tarzan movie, also starring Margot RobbieChristoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Mark your calendars, Tarzan is set to hit theaters on July 1, 2016. We can’t wait!


March 28th, 2014

Pre-Order True Blood Season 6

True Blood Season 6 is now available for pre-order at the HBO’s Shop. The cost to pre-order season 6 is $79.98 and will ship on June 3rd, 2014. I can’t wait for it!

True Blood: The Complete Sixth Season Blu-ray

Entering its sixth smash-hit season, True Blood is HBO’s sexy, scary, wildly entertaining series from Oscar®- and Emmy®-winner Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) and based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. In addition to returning favorites, Season 6 introduces several jarring storylines that threaten what little sense of normalcy remains in Bon Temps. As “Billith” comes to terms with his newfound powers after emerging from a pool of blood at the end of Season 5, Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell declares open season on vampires, replete with novel anti-vamp weapons and a high-tech internment camp.

Click here to pre-order True Blood Season 6.

How cute!


March 25th, 2014

Gallery Update!

I have updated the gallery with some old, but new to the gallery images!




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Carter Matt talks True Blood season 7 and Alexander Skarsgard.

“True Blood” season 7 is starting to creep up on us, so why not present a little bit more fun and speculation on the ending?

What we know for sure about the way the show is winding down is this: The ending has the difficult task of trying to tie together dozens of story threads, and we don’t expect all of them to have a perfect ending. What we do imagine is that we will be presented with something that shocks us, and at the same time presents a little bit of hope for the future of some characters. (With that being said, it will probably come at the expense of others.)

Most responses you get from cast members about the nature of the grand send-off are pretty generic, but one actress in Amelia Rose Blaire (Willa) had an interesting perspective on it in a chat with Uinterview:

“The end of True Blood is going to make fans very happy and heartbroken at the same time … Because that’s what True Blood does best.”

Given that we are such big-time fans of all things Eric Northman, she also gave this pretty fun quote marveling at the mere stature of Alexander Skarsgard, who she has worked with pretty extensively so far:

“He’s really goofy! He’s really goofy and always likes to make a lot of jokes. So he’s a lot of fun to work with and of course he’s very, very tall. He’s like 6’5” or something, so he’s definitely a figure to behold, but he’s really nice and really down to earth. And he drives a really nice car!”

Eric is going to somehow find a way to survive that near-death experience on a top of the snowy mountain we saw in the season 6 finale … but for now, everything else about his character and the future is under a heavy lock and key until the show likely returns on June.


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