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SPOILER ALERT: True Blood Season 7 premieres this Sunday night but it is next week’s episode that will have everyone talking. Season 7 episode 2 will reportedly feature a same-sex hookup between Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) and Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten). When we last saw Eric he was barea** naked and baking in the snow. Now it appears he will definitely be back, at least in the gay-love dreams of Jason.

Things are getting hot on True Blood. The Season 7 premiere episode is just one day away. However, fans can not wait until next week’s episode which will feature a gay sex scene between Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard. isreporting on the hookup scene, writing:

“How about what’s sure to be the most talked-about sex scene in True Blood history? And yes, it’s crazier than that time Bill [Compton (played by Stephen Moyer)] climbed out of his grave and had sex with Sookie [Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin)] in the graveyard. This same-sex hookup, between two non-gay characters, goes down in Episode 2 of the show’s final season–and trust me, it was worth the wait. I can’t say much more, but in case you’re wondering, this particular “love” scene is accompanied by strings.”

Knowing the way things work on the series, it is likely that the scene in question will be a dream sequence, thanks to the magical properties of vampire blood.

Are you excited about the new season of True Blood? Do you think that the show should called it quits long ago, or would you like to see it keep going even longer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Alexander Skarsgard in ‘The Giver’ promotiona. This  image will be uploaded in the gallery once I’m done with the updating. In the mean time, enjoy it here! 


Here are two small description of the first two episode of the season! 


Episode 7×01, “Jesus Gonna Be Here” – “A band of rogue H-vamps attacks Bon Temps.”

Episode 7×02, “I Found You” – “Sookie and Jason visit an abandoned town in search of clues; Pam continues to search for Eric.”

I’m just scared and excited…anyone else with me? 


Great news to all of the UK Fans! 


The final season of True Blood will be arriving on UK TV screens two weeks behind the American transmission, it’s been confirmed. That’s as good as it’s ever been for True Blood too, as the British screening of the show has generally been much further behind.

Fox, however, has confirmed that the premiere of season 7 in the UK will take place at 9pm on Monday July 7th. In the US, the show kicks off on HBO, on Sunday June 22nd. It’s still a gap, but at least it’s a much smaller one.

The final season of the show will run for ten episodes.



Absolutely beautiful! Thank you @TheDamaged0ne for sharing your amazing drawings of Alexander Skarsgard with us. You are talented! 

ASkars-DamagedOne  ASkars-DamagedOne2


If anyone is interested in sharing some fan art of Alexander Skarsgard also, you can send them to Once I’m on summer vacation, I will open a fan art gallery! 


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